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I love precision

I am a big thinker and meticulous observer. Writing is something I’ve done on the side for a long time but it never occurred to me to make a living out of it until later in my life. Why? It was too easy, meaning it came too easy to me. I associated life and a career with struggle and hardship, and easy didn’t fit into that world view. People continuously gave me encouragement and positive feedback about my writing along the way. It opened my eyes to become a writer and I enjoy it immensely. Purpose driven, I see it as a vocation now in how I can contribute best to this challenging world we live in that requires many solutions on many levels. My forte is to take complex information, break it down, make it easily digestible and understandable. I write with precision and clarity to offer insights into the world at large and the very complex yet simple mechanics of the human condition. The latter I particularly love writing about because it has helped me so much, as well as others. If I can share my experiences, wisdom and what has worked for me and inspire another person to take action, or to heal and grow, then my job is done. 

Blog Posts

I’ve been writing and blogging about sustainability, conscious consumerism, and environmental protection since the beginning of 2020. I created a website and blog called Ad Vitam (adverb Latin, to life) with a wide array of material that cover these topics. My portfolio on this site only features a few pieces but you can check out the entire blog by clicking the link below.


I am a freelance writer living in Los Angeles with a keen interest for the human condition, health, wellness, sustainability and environmental protection. I am a detailed oriented person and research my subject matter thoroughly. Having an artistic eye, layout and aesthetics are important. I make sure the copy is easy to read and the images are attractive for the best possible reading experience. 

What I write about

My Story

My name is Nathalie Eden Fino. I am a Renaissance woman and prefer the name Eden for my writer identity. I was born and raised in Germany by a German mother and an Italian father. In 2005, I moved to Los Angeles, California. It was here I adopted the name Nat because I don’t like the American pronunciation of Nathalie. It sounds too different from what I’ve grown up with. So, in America please call me Nat or Eden. 🙂 Writing has been a passion of mine since high school and I have written on a regular basis for the last 10+ years. I spent 15 years in the health and wellness industry. My first content writing experience was in forms of newsletters about pragmatic spirituality and promotional material to my clients and students. Since late 2019 I have been in the sustainability space with my blog and website Ad Vitam – Sustainable Living, which I have entirely written by myself, including the content on the site. 

Sustainability, conscious consumerism, and environmental issues are my specialty, but I am also well-versed in any health and wellness related topics. 

I have certifications in Environmental Protection and Sustainability through IsraelX, and From the Ground Up: Managing and Preserving Our Terrestrial Ecosystems with focus on the Amazon Rainforest through SDGAcademyX

Also, I have written video scripts for a digital course I have created on sustainable living and conscious consumption.

Having a deeply reflective and philosophical nature, I also write essays about the human condition – applied psychology, trauma, transformation and consciousness. 

Always looking to improve my writing skills, I have taken Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclass, and I am a student of The Copy Cure, Laura Belgray’s flagship copywriting course she did in partnership with Marie Forleo. 

I am also a freelance writer at Contentoo, Europe’s leading platform for content marketing talent.