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I am Eden, a Los Angeles based writer, thinker, aesthete, and health enthusiast with a passion for environmental sustainability.


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Why Me

Unique and original, critical, insightful, meticulous, intelligent, thorough, strong aesthetic, sharp, truth advocate, justice seeking, fierce fighter for the underdog, compassionate, sense of humor. 

I Can Help You

Whether its content related to sustainability or health and wellness, I can tailor material that personally suits your brand, while also being tastefully presented. I have been the editor of a sustainable living website and blog for over two years, so I understand the demands of constant content creation businesses and entrepreneurs go through. Having studied Sustainability and Environmental Protection and being highly experienced in health and wellness, I know how to write about these topics in an effective and educational way that inspires and converts.

Conscious Consumerism is on the rise, people care more than ever about their health and the health of the planet. Incorporating sustainable practices is a must for any business these days. Let’s get your message out there!

“Nat Eden F. is a remarkably gifted wordsmith, one who writes about the most pressing and inter-connected issues of this era—climate change and social justice—with deep passion and insights that pierce like a laser. Her observations are bracing in their clarity and spring from rigorous research and a brilliant synthesis of perspectives culled from a wide-range of disciplines and cultural traditions. Her critical voice and her stylistic vision are rare, important, and emerging at a particularly significant moment in time. Her talents will add value, and make a considerable difference, for a broad assortment of content service organizations.


Clinical Professor of Communication and Entrepreneurship, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism 

“In her writing, Nat Eden F., is expert at distilling complex subjects of broad interest (health and wellness, environmental sustainability, human psychology, etc.) down to their essentials without sacrificing nuance and important details. Readers of her work like myself come away from it well-informed but not overwhelmed! I highly recommend that you become acquainted with this very talented new voice.”  

Douglas Brayfield

Emmy Award winning lyricist


My Latest Interview in VoyageLA Magazine

VoyagaLA highlights inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in their Hidden Gems series. I am honored to be one them. Check it out below.

My Latest Article

The Dangerous Mix of Spirituality, Religion and Conspiracy Theories

In this piece I share my experiences and observations from my time in LA’s yoga, wellness and spiritual circles. It’s a critical look at what happened in that world in 2020, and why this topic is still relevant today. I shine a light on spiritual bypassing and how it can also relate to conspiratorial thinking.

Passion & Purpose

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